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Integrative Alignment

Energy Work and Training


Nancy is the creator of IA Energy Work

Hello! I'm Nancy Evans and I'm excited to introduce you to a wonderful way to transform and to create a more balanced, easeful, and purposeful life.

Integrative Alignment is a unique energy work system which can help you become aware of and transform feelings, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors that are creating stress in your life. This sets the stage for being in alignment to know and manifest what you truly desire.

My goals are to help you discover how IA Energy Work can help you or a loved one and how you, or someone you know, might benefit from becoming an IA Energy Work Practitioner!

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First this journey takes you along the path of self-awareness. Then as old habits and beliefs are transformed into understanding, with actions that support you, powerful results can manifest in your life!

Benefits People Have Enjoyed

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  • Overcoming limiting beliefs

  • Transforming fears and feelings holding them back 

  • Creating healthy, loving relationships

  • Positive self-esteem

  • Improved brain performance and health

  • Excelling in school or at work

  • Aligning from their heart with self-love and acceptance

  • Living with purpose to create the life they want

Become an Integrative Alignment Practitioner

Integrative Alignment Energy Work™​ (IA) is taught in a comprehensive training format, with a Professional Certificate option. This allows for the depth of learning and integration needed to become an accomplished IA Energy Work Practitioner.

Because IA Energy Work has proven to be so effective for helping people transform their lives, our mission is to build a network of accomplished IA Energy Work Practitioners so that more people can receive the powerful benefits of IA.

If you would like to become a host for this training and have friends and colleagues who would like to add Integrative Alignment Energy Work to their current practice, we'd be delighted to talk with you!

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